How To Sunbathe Baby Safely?

Posted on Jun 20, 2020 in Family Style

How To Sunbathe Baby Safely?

Babies are fun o be around, but taking care of them is not an easy task. It is a common practice to see an infant enjoy being sunbathed in the daylight. This action will certainly give rise to his/her body, becoming healthier than before. This process is not only necessary for furnishing warmth to your baby, but this ritual of daylight sunbathing is also proven to thin sputum, decrease jaundice because of elevated bilirubin. Along with all this, it also initiates the formulation of vitamin D inside your baby’s body. These are some of the most important benefits of sunlight for newborns.

Why is it necessary to sunbathe your baby safely?

It is true that sunlight has many benefits for your young one, but still, you must see that you’re doing this the right way. It is very important to sunbathe baby safely.   Even though there are many benefits of sunlight for newborns, excessive exposure has a risk of skin cancer. This is why you shouldn’t leave him in the sun for a long period of time.

UV rays

Methods for safe sunbathing of infants

In order to sunbathe baby safely, it is recommended for you to follow the given methods.

Try to sunbathe your baby with clothes. Before thirty minutes, rub your baby’s skin lightly with a sunscreen of about SPF 15 or more than that.

The UV rays are highest from 10 am to 4 pm. Therefore, it is advisable to skip the process of sunbathing during this time.

If your family has a history of skin cancer or your baby’s skin has much less melanin present, and his face is full of freckles, then you must be very careful while sunbathing your baby.

Try to sunbathe your baby, mostly between 6 am to 7:30 am.

Do not keep your baby in the sun for more than thirty minutes. Completely avoid any dust exposure.

Cover the eyes of your baby so that he or she will not get direct sunlight into their delicate eyes.

Wrapping up

After you are done sunbathing your little munchkin, breastfeed them quickly to prevent any chance of dehydration. After doing this, please wait for a little while before bathing them in warm water. This is all you need to know to properly utilize the benefits of sunlight for newborns.