Home Remedies To Moisturize Hair At Home

Posted on Jun 18, 2019 in Hair Care Routine

Home Remedies To Moisturize Hair At Home

Who doesn’t want soft and silky hair that is frizz-free? We all do. The important thing that everybody should know about their hair is its quality. You should be clear about your hair texture and quality. This will help find out best hair shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and everything related to hair. If you are confused about your hair texture and quality then you can have a simple test to check so that if you find it dry and breezy you will be able to search and try different home remedies for dry hair.

You can check your hair texture by its sound. If it sounds heavier, smoother and has a deeper pitch, then you will be sure that your hair is moisturized, but if it feels rough, shallow and has a higher pitch, then it is dry. You can also check by your hair’s appearance. If it looks shinier and bright then it has a good amount of moisture content in it, and if not, then it is dry.

dry hair

Home remedies for dry hair

There are many home remedies to moisturize hair at home. You can use egg yolks for moisturizing your hair. A regular protein treatment is essential to enjoy a healthy and moisturized hair. The egg is a best solution for a healthy hair. Take 1-2 eggs, beat it thoroughly, apply it on your hair, and after 30 minutes wash your hair using lukewarm water.

Second home remedy for moisturized hair is Olive oil. If your hair is under-nourished, it will look dry and frizzy, olive oil provides the necessary nutrients to the hair and naturally moisturizes it. You can apply olive oil to your hair on a daily basis. You can also use Vitamin C capsules on your hair to massage, it will help you to nourish your hair easily.


A moisturized hair is a sign of a healthy hair. You can use any home remedy for developing the quality as well as quantity of your hair. For girls, hair is their passion and style, taking care of your hair is the best way to keep yourself healthy.